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Creative Agitation seeks to unify the creative and political act in absolute equality. In so doing, it seeks to strengthen the vibrancy of both.


Above all else, we strive towards bold, concrete proposals, inspiring enactments of different models of human existence; a combustible sphere where art and action collide, and where the truly imaginative capacities of creativity can finally be put to meaningful use.

By way of the Newsreel, we explore the use of any and all creative media, organized into semi-autonomous, artist led brigades using traditional and new media.


Founded by husband and wife team, Travis and Erin Wilkerson in 2009, Creative Agitation has exhibited internationally and was featured in the Slovenian Pavilion for the 2017 Venice Biennale, the 2024 and 2022 Berlinale, and the 2015 Locarno Film Festival.


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